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The Brave Talk Show podcast

Sep 29, 2021

Is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Good or Bad? Regardless of your thoughts, women everywhere are getting it and many are not talking about it. The judgment is something many are not willing to endure.

On the Brave Talk Show our goal is to make the uncomfortable comfortable. So let's talk about it! We are 4 women from age 30-41 who are moms and wives and each have differening experiences and thoughts on the topic especially in regards to our own bodies and self-image. And we share ALL!

Why is cosmetic plastic surgery so popular? Is it a good aspect of our self-care or is it bad? What good cosmetic plastic surgery experiences have we had and what bad experiences have we had? Which cosmetic plastic surgeries would we NOT get and why? We talk about breast reductions, breast implants, tummy tucks, labia-plasty, nose jobs and even dive into some non cosmetic plastic surgergy procedures like botox and fillers. This is a great conversation that get's real about the topic in our talk show. But because it's a talk show we also briefly chat about other things as well!