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The Brave Talk Show podcast

Dec 3, 2021

The sex talk with your kids can be stressful, especially as they get older and they have more questions, are hearing more things, and dealing with their own desires and challenges. But it can actually be one of the most rewarding and impactful conversations you will have, and probably not one you will just have once. From the topics of making babies, to body changes, to making out, arousal, masturbation and more... This is an opportunity for you to be that trustworthy presence in their life that they can come to with questions and actually listen to. Let's end the cycle from past generations where this wasn't talked about, or talked about only as it affected the wedding night. It's a disservice to our children and doesn't prepare them for real situations they will encounter, what they will hear from friends or what they have to figure out on their own- and hopefully without consequence. Don't be afraid of the sex talk! In today's episode, The Brave Talk Show hosts stories from their past, what they wished their parents had taught them, and what they are doing about today with their kids to end the cycle of misinformation and lack of information, of shame and guilt too.

Here is the series God's Design for Sex that we discuss in the episode. This is an affiliate link and all commissions help support this show. Thanks for watching!